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Website Connectivity Issues

Date July 21st 2016 by in Category Vehicles

Please be aware that current issues with internet access are due to a major problem at one of the UK’s largest datacentres in central London. Multiple providers are reporting issues with internet services.

Because of this you will probably find the internet slow and unreliable at the moment and in some cases sites will be very difficult to reach.  As this is a national issue and not a single Internet Service Provider issue, it may be a some time before the problem is fixed. Engineers continue to work on restoring power at the affected data centre.

Service providers are re-routing internet traffic so that internet connectivity is restored but at a much reduced level. However, some customers might need to reboot their routers to restore service and this may not always clear the issue.

Please be advised that Internet speeds will be slower than normal due to congestion on the network.

For all of our current Telecoms clients who have taken out a Care Level 4 Package, please note that you are being dealt with as a priority.


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