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Post event insights from the Care Roadshow

Date November 18th 2015 by in Categories Cost Rationalisation, HR and H&S

On Tuesday 17th November, we attended the Care Road Show at Epsom Down Racecourse and enjoyed speaking with Care homes, tech companies and consultancy services, all striving to maintain and improve the service levels offered to care clients.

Image right: Sarah Revell, Business Development Manager getting up close and personnel with a perhaps unlikely visitor to the roadshow! 

See below a brief summary of our ‘post-show thoughts’:

Holistic approach to spend

Often procurement is splintered between different members of management, which could stifle efficiencies, cash flow and business growth, as well as waste valuable time.

  • Multi site care homes who had yet to implement strategic and co-terminous procurement strategies were missing out on benefits such as;

-     Stronger portfolio of supplies giving greater purchasing power
-     Better connectivity and support across care group to residents and staff
-     Efficiencies and cost savings through centralising procurement
-     Risk and cost management continuity across the group

  • Insurance risk; the failings of certain care home operators have been well documented in the media, coupled with the large care insurance provider Ecclesiastical repositioning itself away from the care industry, this has resulted in care insurance premiums rising to the top of care home owners' agendas. These latest developments prompted many care home operators we met to overhaul their risk management and safety awareness, which BCR Associates are ideally suited to assist with.
  • Domilicary care; a joined up approach to HR, insurance, PDAs, mobiles/devices, SIMs, company vehicles etc would enhance support for remote workers, aid staff retention as well as improve efficiencies and cash flow.
  • Release profit to reinvest in business; whether investing in staff, acquiring a new site or purchase new equipment and technology, looking to release profit from the cost base through a strategic approach to spend could see efficiencies and cost savings not achieved in any other way.

We're really looking forward to following up with all we spoke with, and hope you found speaking with us at the event beneficial to your business.


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