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Hotelier procurement issues

Date March 27th 2015 by in Categories Events, Hospitality

Hoteliers from across the UK came together on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March at the Hotels Forum UK, The Grange Tower Bridge, creating a great event. We heard industry knowledge, best practice and experience around better purchasing and met valuable new additions to our business network.

Our findings...

The blurred lines between staff usage and guest usage of business owned property
HR issues and costs around staff using guest facilities and business owned products can by a mine field – obviously business owners want to look after their staff as they can be the greatest asset and USP to their business, but at the same time cannot afford staff to abuse facilities (spa, pools, gyms) as well as the little things such as using kitchen milk or food items where costs can spiral. Addressing staff usage in a structured way with tighter policies and procedures and starting new staff off on the right track can protect against these issues.

Wide variation in approaches to procurement
We found Hoteliers procurement strategies varied greatly depending on where they were in their business growth plans.

  • Some at the tipping point of growth needed to review and reposition their contract landscape ready for an acceleration in their growth.
  • Some established hospitality businesses enjoyed ordered, centralised procurement benefiting from inhouse specialists and a strategic approach to spend. But still needed support with regulatory issues such as ESOS and audits on risk and liability. 
  • Chains and franchises had some centralised dictated procurement around energy, insurance, and business supplies but left business owners to own devices in procurement of essential spend such as telecommunications and systems which they may not have the expertise to procure correctly. 

Unique USPs
In a saturated hotels market with so much competition, savvy hoteliers realise they must reflect the lifestyle of the client they want to attract to give them a unique USP and competitive differentiator in the market place.

  • Hotels can attract eco conscious guest by mirroring similar green values and sustainable ethics/business practices, exemplified in their procurement, marketing, menus and hotel ambiance.
  • Technology savvy guests can enjoy unique experiences in hotels which have strategically targeted the tech lifestyle with features such PDAs controlling all room functions, sleek and futuristic interior designs and streamlined booking and stay experiences. 

We are excited to work with a number of hoteliers on these issues and many more we came across during our time at Tower Bridge, and thank you to DP events for arranging another great event. 


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