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International Golf Resort Management

Date March 10th 2015 by in Category Hospitality

International Golf & Resort Management (IGRM) has partnered with award-winning procurement and cost consultants BCR Associates to provide IGRM’s clients with a new range of cost saving and cost management services. 

The move comes after IGRM CEO Michael Longshaw surveyed the company’s clients and identified that cost savings and cost management continue to come out as the number one service required as it can have the greatest impact on their business; positive if the process is managed well and negative if not.

Michael Longshaw says:  

As a firm we are always trying to optimise the service that we provide our clients and, where possible, innovate.  Throughout last year the overwhelming feedback I received from clients was that the area of procurement for essential services like energy, telecoms, business supplies and insurances was a minefield and most knew this was an area where they were leaking substantial amounts of money and needed help in a way that would not impact adversely on their own customer base.

After much research I chose BCR Associates to work with for a number of very good reasons: their independence; client-centric values similar to my own; track record; cost model; and above all else their research. Bespoke client reports are free to my clients and my clients get to keep 100% of any savings identified which is a big win, win for both me and, more importantly, my clients.

Vic Williams, CEO of BCR Associates comments; 

We are delighted to partner with IGRM and look forward to someone with Michael’s hospitality and leisure experience joining our professional network. Michael’s close working relationships with his clients provide a truly unique insight into the issues hospitality and leisure businesses face which we look forward to learning from. Both businesses’ client-centric ethics means we are confident in providing reciprocal value and look forward to a prosperous relationship in 2015 and onwards.


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