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Agriculture, forestry and veterinaryTYPICAL CHALLENGES IN THIS SECTOR:

  • High energy and insurance costs
  • Inadequate infrastructure for growth 
  • Complex sites with complex requirements 
  • Remote locations causing power quality issues 
  • Opportunity to use land for energy generation
  • Subsidy cuts
  • Government regulations
  • Availability and price of land for expansion
  • Competition from overseas
  • Increasing cost of crop production

Delivering a value giving and supportive service to our clients within this broad sector empowers them to increase efficiency and ultimately increase their profit-making opportunities. Businesses in this sector typically have a high energy demand, sites are often large and complex with land not necessarily optimised for power generation and businesses struggle to manage the administration required to control costs effectively, failing to get the best deal for them. 

Our work with clients in this sector adds value to their businesses by allowing them to review their current energy usage, make appropriate changes to increase their energy efficiency, improve energy infrastructure and connections, and maximise their profit margin.

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